Aman Tokyo


This time I stayed at the luxurious  Aman Tokyo, a sanctuary located on the top floor of Otemachi Tower in Chiyoda. No matter which direction you are facing, the hotel’s rooms feature a variety of gorgeous Tokyo views.

Check out this post for an overview of the Aman Tokyo’s facilities and services, as well as personal impressions during my stay.

이번에 묶은 호텔은 아만도쿄. 여긴 정말 너무 비싸서 다른 호텔처럼 자주 올수 없어서 5년전에 처음으로 숙박하고 감동해서 이번에도 엄청 기대함!

Lobby on the 33rd floor
  1. チェックイン・チェックアウト / Check-in & Check-out
  2. 客室 / The Room
  3. サービス / Services
  4. 景色 / View
  5. 朝食 / Breakfast
  6. ジム・プール / Gym & Pool
  7. お風呂・スパ / Bath & Spa

チェックイン・チェックアウト / Check-in & Check-Out

ロビー / Lobby


We arrived at the lobby on the 33nd floor and relaxed in some comfortable chairs in the lounge while waiting to check in. The lounge was crowded with guests enjoying afternoon tea, which is one of the Aman Tokyo’s specialities.

Depending on the time of day, visitors to the lounge can enjoy live koto music.The echoing of koto music in the hotel’s spacious interior created a tranquil atmosphere. I could feel my stress melting away!

Another feature that evaporates stress is the hotel’s express check-in and check-out option, which saved us a lot of time when we arrived. 

客室 / Room


Even among Tokyo’s luxury hotels, the Aman Tokyo is famous for its high prices. Fortunately, even the hotel’s basic deluxe rooms are as large as junior suites at other luxury hotels. This makes it a great option when traveling in groups.

My friends and I stayed in Room 412 on the 38th floor (the top floor of the hotel). From this room, the guest can view the Imperial Palace, Shinjuku, and even Mount Fuji in the distance. I recommend staying on the top floor if possible, as the lower floors risk buildings blocking the view.

サービス / Services

アメニティ・浴衣 / Amenities & Yukata


Our room came with a variety of amenities, including bathrobes and slippers. Yukata were also available, and the fabric had a soothing cypress scent that suited the room’s atmosphere.

無料サービス / Complimentary Items & Services



Before the Covid-19 epidemic, a stay at the Aman Tokyo always came with a welcome drink service, but that has since been replaced with a refrigerator containing orange and mango juice. These were delicious, so don’t forget to try them! The welcome sweets in the room are also fantastic. 

The fridge also contained soft drinks that were free of charge, as well as milk if you fancy making a latte with the room’s Nespresso coffee maker. This is a nice perk for coffee lovers like me!

In the evening, there was a turndown service offered by two female staff members who were skilled and quite pleasant. They cleaned away used glasses and replenished the ice, drinks, and sweets. They  also prepared the bed so that we could slip beneath the sheets without a second thought.

Miscellaneous Eunji Thoughts ❤


When I first arrived in our room, I was surprised to find no TV. Then, I realized it was hiding!

The TV can be operated with a remote control, and the large desk where it is stored is also equipped with a USB outlet that can be used to charge mobile phones and personal computers without a transformer. The superb sound quality of the BOSE speakers was also quite impressive.

景色 / View


As a photographer, I’m always looking for the perfect shot. This wasn’t difficult on the 38th floor. Our room faced west and, since the weather was nice, we were treated to a gorgeous sunset. Without doing much of anything, I felt happy just watching the sunset while listening to my favorite music. It was a perfect moment in time and will remain in my photo album as a wonderful memory.

朝食 / Breakfast


Before COVID-19, Western and Japanese breakfast was served in the restaurant located in the lobby, but this time I was able to enjoy a relaxing breakfast in my room. The Japanese-style breakfast was delicious – elegant with subtle flavors. The American-style breakfast was also fine but not as good as the Japanese style.

The Aman Tokyo also has restaurants. I haven’t experienced eating at them, but my friend who has told me that, while the food was good, she felt it was a bit overpriced. 

ジム・プール / Gym & Pool



I like exercising, so whenever I choose a hotel I always check to see if there is a gym. With its high glass ceilings, ample space for cardio, and the latest weight training equipment, the gym at the Aman Tokyo doesn’t disappoint! You can even see the Tokyo SkyTree while exercising!

Rather than machines, I am more concerned about whether there is a space with a mirror for Pilates and yoga when looking for exercise facilities. Again, the Aman Tokyo delivers by offering guests separate Pilates and yoga studios. I was very impressed with this. Other hotels may have space set aside for yoga, but very few can say that they have a space dedicated to Pilates machines! Experiencing this was a first for me!

I’m a Pilates instructor, so I was able to make use of the Pilates studio freely for about an hour, but I still preferred to make a reservation for lessons with the hotel’s in-house Pilates instructor. If you go to the Aman Tokyo and are interested in using its yoga or Pilates facilities, I recommend making a reservation with one of the hotel’s instructors

The Aman Tokyo is also home to a 30-meter indoor heated pool. While swimming, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Tokyo courtesy of the 8-meter high windows. This gives the pool an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication, especially at night. If swimming isn’t your cup of tea, it is still relaxing to lounge by the pool to absorb the soothing ambiance. Something to keep in mind is that it is better to visit the pool in the evening if you want a more relaxing atmosphere. Earlier in the day, there are usually kids playing in the pool, so it isn’t quite as tranquil.


(Please keep in mind that there is a limit of 8 people in the pool and 5 people in the gym, so it’s best to contact the hotel in advance if you wish to use these facilities. The gym and pool are open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.)

お風呂・スパ / Bath & Spa




The spa reception desk is located on the 34th floor. The spa is on the same floor as the reception desk, while the bath, gym, and pool are downstairs and can be accessed using the stairs or private elevator.

The spa uses Aman original skin care products. I was very happy with them because they are chemical-free and organic.

The bath can be found by taking the first right after descending the stairs. A staff member will be there to guide you when you arrive. The lockers and communal bath are large and comfortable. There is also a sauna. All amenities were Aman original products, and the scent and quality were top notch. If you like them, you can buy these products on the 34th floor. You can wear a yukata in the bathing facility and when returning to your room, which is quite convenient! The price of the spa is not cheap, but it includes 60 minutes in the bath, as well.

アマン東京 / Aman Tokyo

東京都千代田区大手町1-5-6 大手町タワー
JR 東京駅:丸の内北口より徒歩5分
羽田空港:モノレール+JR(浜松町経由東京駅まで) 約40分
     タクシー 約40分
成田空港:成田エクスプレス(東京駅まで) 約60分
     タクシー 約60分
TEL 03 5224 3333
03 5224 3345(宿泊予約)


Otemachi Tower, 1-5-6 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Subway: Directly connected from Tokyo Metro Otemachi Station (Tozai Line, Hanzomon Line, Marunouchi Line, Chiyoda Line, Mita Line)

From Otemachi Tower B2F OOTEMORI to the 1st floor

JR Tokyo Station: 5-minute walk from Marunouchi North Exit

Haneda Airport: Monorail + JR (to Tokyo Station via Hamamatsucho) Approximately 40 minutes

Taxi: about 40 minutes

Narita Airport: Narita Express (to Tokyo Station) Approximately 60 minutes

Taxi about 60 minutes

TEL 03 5224 3333

03 5224 3345 (Accommodation reservation)

With concierge


The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Tokyo

The first time I stayed at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Tokyo, I was blown away by its elegant interior and fantastic view. This 5-star luxury hotel is located in the Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower in Chuo City, close to the Mitsukoshimae Train Station and Muromachi-Sanchōme subway stop. The hotel’s lobby is on the 38th floor, making it unique from other Mandarin Hotel Locations. Thanks to its unique location, the lobby has an amazing view of the Tokyo Skytree.

When visiting the lobby, don’t forget to stop by the restrooms, which also look out on this famous Tokyo landmark.

Restaurants & Amenities

This hotel isn’t just beautiful. It also boasts a collection of Michelin star restaurants, such as the Tapas Molecular Bar. The Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo is also home to, in my humble opinion, the best pizza in Tokyo! I plan to write a whole post about The Pizza Bar on 38th, so I’ll leave it at that for now.

If you find yourself in Tokyo but are in the mood for teatime, Sense Tea Corner offers afternoon tea, served on beautiful china. 

In addition to restaurants, the Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo has a spa and gym with yet another gorgeous view of the Skytree. Please note, however, that this location does not have a pool. 


When I stayed in a standard room at the Mandarin Oriental, I was impressed by the spacious interior. The junior suite is also spacious and quite lovely. Both standard and junior suite have room options that offer a view of the Skytree. However, not all rooms boast such a spectacular view. Therefore, I recommend that you ask about the view when booking.

Rooms are loaded with useful amenities for travellers such as an international charging port that requires only a USB cord to hook up your device. If, for some reason, your device doesn’t work with the charging port, simply contact the lobby to request a charger that fits your device. 

The Mandarin Oriental also provides luxury toiletries by La Bottega and has gone green by using large, refillable bottles rather than travel size ones (at the same time, I’m a bit disappointed, as the small bottles often come in handy when traveling).


I can’t end this review without mentioning the lovely staff! They are friendly, helpful, and polite. On top of that, they speak English and Japanese, so your stay can still be hassle free even if you aren’t confident in your Japanese. 

Bottom Line

I have stayed at multiple Mandarin Oriental locations and am pleased to say that the quality is amazingly consistent. I highly recommend any of them. However, if I have to choose, I would rank the locations I have stayed in as follows: 

#1: Taipei

I stayed at the Taipei location when it opened in 2014. The hotel was brand new, and I was impressed by the beautiful, spacious interior and modern amenities.

#2: Tokyo

The Tokyo location also has nice amenities, but its strongest points are the fantastic view and friendly staff.

#3: Shanghai

Shanghai has an exquisite lounge that sets it apart from other Mandarin Oriental locations.

#4: London

Though a little order than the top three, the London hotel is all about location. It is within walking distance of Hyde Park and the upscale Harrods Department Store. 

#5: Hong Kong

Like London, this location isn’t quite as modern as some, but it still lives up to the reputation of the Mandarin Oriental brand and definitely worth a visit.

There you have it! My favorite hotel in Tokyo!

マンダリンオリエンタルホテルは東京だけでも何回泊まってるとても好きな所。親友と初めて泊まったところが、台北でその時の素晴らしい思い出が未だに残ってる。東京のマンダリンはロビーから見えるスカイツリーがたまらない!あ、特にロビー階にあるトイレは必ず行ってみて 笑
部屋もジュニアスイートから普通の部屋までいろいろ泊まってみたけど、個人的にはスカイツリーが見える部屋が一番好き。ここに泊まるならピザ🍕レストラン予約して行って!私が日本で一番美味しいピザ屋さんと感じたところ。マンダリンのレストランは全部行ったけど(ミシュランの中華料理も含め)個人的にこのピザとTapas molecular bar が最強!

I would describe this hotel only one word

내가 처음으로 유카랑 2013년에 대만 #만다린오리엔탈 에 묶으면서 알게 된 호텔. 그 때의 그 날은 아직도 잊을 수가 없다. 너무 친절한 스텝분들 화려 그 자체인 호텔 룸, 어메니티 등등 아주 최고의 하루를 지내고 그 다음부터는 만다린 호텔이 있는 나라에서는 꼭 만다린에서 잔다 ㅋㅋㅋ 기억을 더듬으면 좋았던 순서 1 대만, 2 도쿄 3 샹하이 4 샹하이 5 런던 (공사중일 때 )
또 가고 싶다!



Conrad hotel in Tokyo

What a lovely view!

Bay view.
You can see Hamarikyu park and rainbow bridge 🙂 from room 3715




は広い、シャワーは3つ、プール広い、ジムもヨガやピラティスなどできるスペースあり。3123海側のスイートルーム。リービングと寝室別々。トイレ2つ。スピーカも2つ。朝食いろんな種類もあり、美味しい。28階ロビー37階executive lounge


The Edition Hotel in Toranomon, Tokyo

Brand new hotel in Tokyo since 2020.

I love staying some fancy hotels and this hotel caught my attention as this hotel is brand new haha

The Edition Hotel


ロビーは31階、入った瞬間他のホテルと違って緑がたくさん!おしゃれで緑が多い雰囲気にびっくり! エレベーターに乗って31階に降りたら右がチェックインカウンター、左がレストラン。着いたらスタッフがご案内してくれる。

レストランはロビーにあるLOBBY BAR1つのみ。

Afternoon tea 12時からと2時半。東京タワーがとても

Afternoon teaは飲み物おかわり自由。(個人的にコーヒーがあまり美味しくなくて少しがっかり)スコンも1回おかわりお願いできた。とにかく景色が良い。ロビーも緑が多くて他のホテルと違う雰囲気でユニークだった。(there were some tiny bugs… because of green??)

Our room was Loft Terrace Room No 3327. There is a terrace which we could see Tokyo tower from our room.