Originally from South Korea, I moved to Tokyo in 2010 and fell in love with Japan so much so that I never left. I’m passionate about exploring everything Tokyo has to offer, from small cafes and local markets up to the most luxurious hotels and five-star restaurants. Seeing how dishes are selected and prepared is, in my opinion, the window to a culture’s soul.

A few years ago I started working as a tour-guide both internationally and domestically. This was an amazing experience as I love helping people and exploring Japan so it was the perfect fit for me. In total I have been to over 35 countries, which really helped me to understand what is truly unique and special about Japan.

After the pandemic began I changed my focus to teaching Korean and now have the most fantastic group of students, who I absolutely love. If you’re interested in learning Korean, please check out my website: korean.eunjisensei.com.

Even more recently, I have been training to become a Pilates teacher. I had no idea how demanding this would be before I started and so signed up for both mat and machine courses at the same time! Well, it has been a lot of work but the end is in sight. I will soon be a fully qualified Basi Pilates instructor for both mat and machine. Watch this space 🙂