The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Tokyo

I would describe this hotel only one word MY FAV HOTEL IN TOKYO

The first time I stayed at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Tokyo, I was blown away by its elegant interior and fantastic view. This 5-star luxury hotel is located in the Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower in Chuo City, close to the Mitsukoshimae Train Station and Muromachi-Sanchōme subway stop. The hotel’s lobby is on the 38th floor, making it unique from other Mandarin Hotel Locations. Thanks to its unique location, the lobby has an amazing view of the Tokyo Skytree.

When visiting the lobby, don’t forget to stop by the restrooms, which also look out on this famous Tokyo landmark.

Restaurants & Amenities

This hotel isn’t just beautiful. It also boasts a collection of Michelin star restaurants, such as the Tapas Molecular Bar. The Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo is also home to, in my humble opinion, the best pizza in Tokyo! I plan to write a whole post about The Pizza Bar on 38th, so I’ll leave it at that for now.

If you find yourself in Tokyo but are in the mood for teatime, Sense Tea Corner offers afternoon tea, served on beautiful china. 

In addition to restaurants, the Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo has a spa and gym with yet another gorgeous view of the Skytree. Please note, however, that this location does not have a pool. 


When I stayed in a standard room at the Mandarin Oriental, I was impressed by the spacious interior. The junior suite is also spacious and quite lovely. Both standard and junior suite have room options that offer a view of the Skytree. However, not all rooms boast such a spectacular view. Therefore, I recommend that you ask about the view when booking.

Rooms are loaded with useful amenities for travellers such as an international charging port that requires only a USB cord to hook up your device. If, for some reason, your device doesn’t work with the charging port, simply contact the lobby to request a charger that fits your device. 

The Mandarin Oriental also provides luxury toiletries by La Bottega and has gone green by using large, refillable bottles rather than travel size ones (at the same time, I’m a bit disappointed, as the small bottles often come in handy when traveling).


I can’t end this review without mentioning the lovely staff! They are friendly, helpful, and polite. On top of that, they speak English and Japanese, so your stay can still be hassle free even if you aren’t confident in your Japanese. 

Bottom Line

I have stayed at multiple Mandarin Oriental locations and am pleased to say that the quality is amazingly consistent. I highly recommend any of them. However, if I have to choose, I would rank the locations I have stayed in as follows: 

#1: Taipei

I stayed at the Taipei location when it opened in 2014. The hotel was brand new, and I was impressed by the beautiful, spacious interior and modern amenities.

#2: Tokyo

The Tokyo location also has nice amenities, but its strongest points are the fantastic view and friendly staff.

#3: Shanghai

Shanghai has an exquisite lounge that sets it apart from other Mandarin Oriental locations.

#4: London

Though a little order than the top three, the London hotel is all about location. It is within walking distance of Hyde Park and the upscale Harrods Department Store. 

#5: Hong Kong

Like London, this location isn’t quite as modern as some, but it still lives up to the reputation of the Mandarin Oriental brand and definitely worth a visit.

There you have it! My favorite hotel in Tokyo!

マンダリンオリエンタルホテルは東京だけでも何回泊まってるとても好きな所。親友と初めて泊まったところが、台北でその時の素晴らしい思い出が未だに残ってる。東京のマンダリンはロビーから見えるスカイツリーがたまらない!あ、特にロビー階にあるトイレは必ず行ってみて 笑
部屋もジュニアスイートから普通の部屋までいろいろ泊まってみたけど、個人的にはスカイツリーが見える部屋が一番好き。ここに泊まるならピザ🍕レストラン予約して行って!私が日本で一番美味しいピザ屋さんと感じたところ。マンダリンのレストランは全部行ったけど(ミシュランの中華料理も含め)個人的にこのピザとTapas molecular bar が最強!

I would describe this hotel only one word

내가 처음으로 유카랑 2013년에 대만 #만다린오리엔탈 에 묶으면서 알게 된 호텔. 그 때의 그 날은 아직도 잊을 수가 없다. 너무 친절한 스텝분들 화려 그 자체인 호텔 룸, 어메니티 등등 아주 최고의 하루를 지내고 그 다음부터는 만다린 호텔이 있는 나라에서는 꼭 만다린에서 잔다 ㅋㅋㅋ 기억을 더듬으면 좋았던 순서 1 대만, 2 도쿄 3 샹하이 4 샹하이 5 런던 (공사중일 때 )
또 가고 싶다!


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